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Bending 4mm Plexiglass

Posted: August 24, 2010 in neo-geo minicab

I’m back from holiday and just finished bending the front of the mini cab. This was more difficult then i thought it would be.
Once you bend the plexiglass, you can not bend it back. It has to be done right the first time.


After finishing drawing the sidepanels in AutoCAD i made a trip to Belgium today to¬†a company called ‘Lasertechniek N.V.’ (
They cutted the 8mm plexiglass for me with a ‘Trotec Speedy 300’ CO2 laser machine (thank you Michiel).
I wish i had this machine at home ūüėČ

I’m very pleased with the¬†result. It is¬†absolutely flawless ūüôā
BTW: the mini cab will be: 16cm x 29cm x 20cm  

Here is a little video of the ‘Trotec Speedy 300’¬†cutting one sitepanel.

Size does matter ;-)

Posted: June 9, 2010 in neo-geo minicab

Today i received my ‘Space Invaders TV Game’.

I have disassembled it and i’m going to use the mini-aracde-joystick for this project.
The mini-arcade-joystick looks, feels and works like an original arcade joystick. 
It’s just a little bit smaller. Perfect for the mini-cab.¬†

BTW: I’m going to connect the mini-joystick and ‘Sanwa OBSF-24’ buttons directly to the mini2440 free gpio’s.

Boot-Time Optimization

Posted: June 7, 2010 in neo-geo minicab

I have done some modifications to speed up the boottime:
* cleaned/minimized the linux kernel to 1mb
* now using a uncompressed kernel
*¬†changed the ‘jffs2’ rootfs to ‘yaffs2’
* tweaked the ‘u-boot’ bootloader.

Boottime from turning-on the mini2440 to a linux console prompt is now 4 seconds!

GnGeo Port

Posted: June 6, 2010 in neo-geo minicab

GnGeo 0.7.1 has succesfully been ported to the mini2440!


Plexi Bending Bench

Posted: June 4, 2010 in neo-geo minicab

I¬†just finished the ‘Plexi Bending Bench’ using these instructions : It’s in dutch, but i think you will get the idea.

Background info

Posted: June 4, 2010 in neo-geo minicab

I got inspired in making a mini-neogeo-cab after seeing ‘Pocket Lucho’ making this briljant¬†‘pocket neo-geo¬†cab’¬†(
But instead of using a real ‘neogeo mvs board’, i want to use a mini2440 arm board & 5.6″ tft screen ( . GnGeo ( will be the NEO-GEO gaming¬†emulator running on the mini2440.

Copying exact the same look of ‘Pocket Luchos neogeo minicab’ would not be¬†very original. So, i decided to make the minicab completely out of transparent plexiglass.

So, where to begin?
Well, first i’m going to make a ‘plexi bending bench’ for easily bending the plexiglass. Using a ‘plexi bending bench’ allows me to bend the plexiglass without¬†getting any bubbles in the glass.