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Posted: June 4, 2010 in neo-geo minicab

I got inspired in making a mini-neogeo-cab after seeing ‘Pocket Lucho’ making this briljant ‘pocket neo-geo cab’ (
But instead of using a real ‘neogeo mvs board’, i want to use a mini2440 arm board & 5.6″ tft screen ( . GnGeo ( will be the NEO-GEO gaming emulator running on the mini2440.

Copying exact the same look of ‘Pocket Luchos neogeo minicab’ would not be very original. So, i decided to make the minicab completely out of transparent plexiglass.

So, where to begin?
Well, first i’m going to make a ‘plexi bending bench’ for easily bending the plexiglass. Using a ‘plexi bending bench’ allows me to bend the plexiglass without getting any bubbles in the glass.


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